Online Flexibility Programme

Your step by step plan to help kickstart your flexibility goals!

If you're serious about kickstarting your flexibility, this is the ideal resource allowing you to learn tips and tricks to help you increase your flexibility.

​You will learn

  • ​How to safely train your body for flexibility
  • How to create a flexibility training session that works for you
  • Conditioning exercises to build a strong foundation to improve flexibility
  • A variety of stretch techniques to help you get the most out of your training
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced options for all stages of flexibility training

You will learn the progressive approach to improve your flexibility from your current level, and help you advance your techniques to use on and off the pole.

What you get

When you sign-up for the LiveLoveBend Online Flexibility programme you receive a 12 week progressive flexibility programme and detailed video tutorials.


  • Access to over 150 pre-recorded flexibility classes
  • LLB 12 week programme: 1-3 stretch exercises 3 days per week straight to you email inbox for the whole programme
  • Access to the LLB private Facebook support group
  • Goal setting & training schedule documents
  • After the 12 week programme is finished you will have continual access to the private Facebook support group

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