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First pic was taken in July 2016 and second in September 2017. With LLB's help I now feel more stable in my needles and my arms are slowly getting straighter 😄 Having flexibility training videos on hand whenever I need them has helped my flexibility massively as I can train when I get some free time. Everyone is super supportive in the group and Charlotte is always on hand for great advice ❤


In January 2017 I started the Live Love Bend 12 week programme I was very apprehensive about joining a online stretch class as I was worried to stretch at home and cause myself a injury. As soon as I received my day 1 email I knew I was in great hands with Charlotte. The 12 week emails are AMAZING, so full of great information and handy hints/tips that I felt comfortable stretching at home alone :) I have always struggled with back flexibility and my bridge pictures shows just how much 6 months of stretching can achieve. To anyone who is considering signing up, DO IT!! What have you got to loose! I promise you wont be disappointed XxX


Never in a million years did I think I would be able to touch my toes in Cocoon. Or do the splits at 45 years old. Charlotte and the LiveLoveBend team have given me so much technical knowledge and endless encouragement over the last year. I really look forward to the Live sessions every Thursday, and enjoy the support of all of the other LLB members. I am now hooked! Thanks Charlotte <3 xx

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To have flexibility on and off the pole have always been a goal of mine, in theory. However, overwhelmingly and physically my flexibility goals were more of a distant dream than a likely reality. But LIVE LOVE BEND changed all of that and made my flexibility goals a reality! LIVE LOVE BEND supported my goals and held me accountable for my flexibility progress. Little and often was the key to success, with short exercises to complete several times a week. It was this approach that made the process a lot less daunting. Not only were the tasks manageable they were knowledgeable! This is what I really love and value the most from LIVE LOVE BEND. To know why I was doing something and the benefits from doing it gave my flexibility goals purpose and understanding. In addition to the wealth of knowledge shared if there was anything I didn’t understand, I could simply ask and have my questions answered during the weekly live Q&A or via the private student Facebook group.

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