30 Days Splits Challenge

Introducing the 30 days splits challenge!

You will learn all of our favourite and most effective stretches to help you get your splits!
You need to show us you are dedicated, you will need to stretch for at least 10 minutes a day if you're serious about getting into your splits in 30 days!

So how does it work?

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2. Stick to the 30 days! Don't miss a day!!!! Promise!?

3. Everyday you need to do the warm up and then stretches 1-5. These must not be skipped! So, the first 5 days you do the first 5 stretches

4. Then, beginning day 6 you will just add 1 move (from that day on). For example:

  • Day 6: 1-5 & 6
  • Day 14: 1-5 & 14
  • Day 30: 1-5 & 30

5. How long to hold? You need to hold each stretch for around 20 seconds per side. Each day dedicate 10 minutes to stretching

Try this stretching technique for splits